At Next Gen Chiropractic we utilise a wide range of techniques in practice for all ages, body shapes/sizes, and patient preferences. We take a gentle and specific approach to our treatments. We recognise that some people prefer manual adjustments, and others prefer low force techniques – we are well equipped to treat everyone and tailor our chiropractic care plans to each individual. If you would like to hear more about our 3 stage approach we use to get you back on track, click here.


We primarily use Diversified techniques to deliver comfortable, controlled chiropractic manipulations to help regain movement and function into your joints. You may feel or hear a slight “click” or “crack” that is nitrogen gas escaping the joint. See Dr. Pica below giving his patient a set of very controlled, gentle adjustments.


Dr. Daniel Pica is experienced with low force chiropractic adjustments for those who may prefer a more gentle approach. We use a very effective technique called Activator Method, which helps people get their adjustments without the “cracks”. We may also recommend low force adjustments depending on the individual’s history.


Muscle rehab is an important aspect of our treatment. In many situations we must use trigger point therapy in severe cases of increased muscle tension, as well as utilising our very popular massage gun to help relax muscle tension before our chiropractic adjustments.