Are you sick of not being able to turn your neck without pain?

Understanding the Structure

The neck consists of 7 bones (vertebrae) and is referred to as the cervical region. Small vertebral discs are in between each bone which facilitate movement and act as shock absorbers for your spine. The job of the neck and cervical vertebrae is to support the head and control head movements. The weight of an adult head can be up to 5kgs, and due to the highly flexible nature of our neck, injury is very common.

Common Causes for Neck Pain

  1. Vertebral Subluxation Complex – If the spine is not properly aligned, joint movement and function within the neck can become painful. 
  2. Whiplash or Direct Trauma – Whiplash or direct trauma to the neck can cause damage to the ligaments, muscles and other tissues within the neck, causing tightness and pain. 
  3. Spinal Degeneration – Over time, wear and tear can lead to degenerative changes in the spine, causing pain. Trauma to the area can increase the degeneration process.
  4. Other Conditions – Although rare, there are some more serious conditions that can cause neck pain. Conditions such as fractures, tumours, disc herniations and spinal stenosis.

Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care is a non-surgical, natural treatment option for patients. Evidence shows that Chiropractic is an effective treatment option to reduce neck pain, and regain function in the neck.

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